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Hindu Calendar

Months and approximate correspondence

It is according to Saka Calendar

Indian months are listed below. Shaka and Chaitradi Vikram (UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc.) start with Chaitra, Kartikadi Vikram (Gujarat) start in Kartika.

# Indian Gregorian
1 Chaitra March–April
2 Vaisākha April–May
3 Jyeshta May–June
4 Āshāda June–July
5 Shraavana July–August
6 Bhādrapada August–September
7 Ashwina September–October
8 Kartika October–November
9 Mārgasirsa (Agrahayana) November–December
10 Pausha December–January
11 Māgha January–February
12 Phālguna February–March

Nakshatras are divisions of ecliptic, each 13° 20', starting from 0° Aries. The purnima of each month is synchronized with a nakshatra.